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Happy July!!! I usually love the month of July, so I’m hoping that it will be a great month. Before I get ahead of myself, though, I thought I’d do a quick recap of June, as well as a check-in on my 13 Challenges in 2013 now that we’re half way through the year (eek!). Here’s how the month of June looked:

  • This month was Triathlon time!! I wrote a few posts about my triathlon training: Hitting the Bricks, Final Triathlon Preparation, Training Recaps: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4. And, of course, the main event:
  • I raced my second triathlon this past month, and had great success in cutting down my transition times. You can read my recap here.
  • National Running Day! I shared why I’m a runner here.
  • In April and May I participated in Best Body Bootcamp. I shared some of my final thoughts on the program here.
  • I talked all about biking on the road again after spending the winter on my stationary bike.
  • I tried my very first barre class, and it’s safe to say that I’m pretty hooked. Post coming about barre in a few weeks!

And here’s a quick check-in on my 13 Challenges in 2013 progress:

  • I’ve run 90.8 miles out of 250 miles (oh yikes. This I’m pretty disappointed in, and really need to pick up my running! I didn’t guess I’d have so much fun with cross training!)
  • I’ve walked 151 miles out of 500 miles (I feel like I walk SO much, so I have no idea how I am so far behind where I was last year. So sad 😦 )
  • I’ve biked 196 miles out of 300 miles. (Doing great with biking this year! I love it!)
  • I’ve swam 3.2 out of 15 miles (when I set this I didn’t realize how little access I’d actually have to the pool. But I’ll definitely get in a few more miles before the end of the year!)
  • I’ve done 121 minutes out of 250 minutes of planks for the year! (I actually thought I was farther behind on this, so I was happy to see I’ve spent 2 hours doing planks so far this year :D)
  • I challenge myself to go through all the clothes I own: I’ve gone through about 90% of my clothes so far, and have managed to get rid of a few bags! It’s felt great to get so much cleaning done!
  • I challenge myself to finish the article I started in 2012. Ummm- have not done anything on it. So many other work things and other article options have popped up that I’ve been focused on those. I’m still planning to work on this article.
  • I challenge myself to do 13 races this year (in person or virtual): I’ve done 7 races so far this year (5 virtual, my third half marathon, and my second triathlon).
  • I challenge myself to read 12 books this year. I’ve completed 5 books and am in the middle of 2 right now, so I’m right on track and really enjoying this challenge.

I wish I had done something with a number of pilates sessions I’d do or something like that since I’ve been really into that this year as well! Overall I’m pretty happy with that, even though I haven’t hit all my mileage. I’ve taken down a bit of cardio and added lots of strength training, and I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit!

So, that’s my June Recap/Update on my 13 in 2013 challenge.

Now it’s your turn to share! What was your favorite part of June (or: What are you most looking forward to in July?)? How are your goals going for the year?