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I still can’t believe that I’ve only been back on my bike again for less than a year! In the same vain, I can’t believe I hadn’t been on a bike for over a decade– YIKES! I definitely missed out on something that I now love! I biked on a stationary bike once a week most of the winter, and enjoyed the “sports interval” workouts most Thursday mornings. For the last 5 weeks I’ve gotten to actually enjoy biking on the road again, and it’s been such a joy to not be stuck on the stationary bike.

Throughout the winter I was worried that my biking workout wouldn’t be enough, and I’d feel out of shape once summer hit. I’m happy to say that my winter bike program worked wonderfully, and was immediately able to hit the hills I live around with very little problem this month! The only real pain is sitting in the saddle for my longer rides- OUCH!

These past four weeks I’ve been biking in preparation for my triathlon this coming weekend, and it’s been fun to bike for a purpose! However, I want to have fun and enjoy biking as well, so there’s been some of that too! Last weekend I had an exciting moment as I hit a new distance PR!


I’m planning to continue these long rides throughout the summer, but I have no final distance in mind that I want to hit; I just want to enjoy the journey! Like I mentioned earlier, part of enjoying the moment has also been enjoying the nature I’m surrounded by on the trails. While I’m not a huge fan of stopping all the time, I do sometimes stop once to take a picture. Here are some of the great scenes I’ve seen on my last few rides.

bike nature CollageTop: Bluebells in bloom, biking around a lake. Bottom: deer (hard to see), turtle (it glared at me after taking this)

Fun, right? I’ve enjoyed training rides and more “for fun” rides now that it is finally getting to be nicer weather. The stationary bike isn’t that bad at all, but it’s been fun to hit the trails and feel the wind in my face!