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I definitely just typed week three for a minute- I can’t believe this is technically only week two of training! This week was tough. My run in the middle of the week included lots of hills, and I normally don’t train on any hills. My legs were ACHING for the next few days, but I felt really good after the work out!

  • Sunday: REST
  • Monday: 12.28 mi bike + 1.1 mi run (BRICK)
  • Tuesday: 1 hour Pilates foam rolling class
  • Wednesday: 3.1 mi hill run
  • Thursday: .75 mi swim
  • Friday: 1 hour Pilates Chair workout
  • Saturday: 24.75 mi bike

The foam rolling class was new to me, and I loved it!! My core was so sore the next day, and I’m really excited to go back again. My bike ride yesterday was the longest I’ve been on since maybe 7th grade (yikes!!), so it was really fun to hit a new distance like that!

Now it’s your turn to share! Did you do anything new this week?