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It’s almost race day once again, and I’m excited to pin on another race number and have some fun! My last triathlon was in August of 2012, so I’m really excited for my triathlon this coming Sunday! I went and drove the bike and run routes a few days ago, and this is the first time I’ve driven a course before racing on it. I tried to take note of pot holes on the bike course so I can hopefully easily avoid them on Sunday! This sprint triathlon is a shorter distance than my sprint last August, but until a few days ago I thought that the only distance that was different was the swim. I logged onto the race website a few days ago and realized that what I thought was a 12 mile bike portion was actually a 10 mile bike. Oops! At least the difference isn’t significant!

The course I’m doing is a short sprint: 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. I really wanted to sign up for the Olympic, but knowing that I only had 4 weeks to train, I thought that wouldn’t be wise. I wish this race was in another month so I could’ve signed up for the Olympic! It’ll be interesting to see if I can get my transition zone times down- they were pretty long last summer!


There’s a chance of storms on Sunday morning, and i’ll be really bummed if the race gets cancelled because of them! Other than that, I’ve tapered and am doing my final race day preparations: fueling, hydrating, resting, etc (I wrote an entire post on race week preparations)!

But now, it’s time to race!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have any pre-race rituals? Would you like to do a triathlon one day (or if you’ve done one, what’s your favorite triathlon memory)?