Mental Health

When we focus on health and wellness in life, it’s very easy to only focus on the physical and overlook the mental, emotional, and relational aspects. However, because we are whole people, we encompass many areas of wellness within us, not just the physical. To be “whole person healthy”, we must cast a bigger net than just working out and eating well (although both of those are very important as well!). As a counselor, I believe that the mental and emotional components of our health are critical, and therefore an important part of my life and my writing. Here are some of the posts I’ve done in the area of mental health by topic:

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression


Eating Disorders

Gratitude (Thankfulness)

Grief and Tragedy

Negative Thinking and Cognitive Distortions

Relationship Struggles and Health

Self Care

Trust (Safety)


Disclaimer: While I am a counselor, these posts are in no way supposed to take the place of a doctor or a therapist. They are meant to challenge your thinking, convey information, and give you pause to evaluate your own life. If you are experiencing mental or emotional struggles (depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorder, etc…), please contact your doctor or a local counselor. If you are experiencing suicidal thinking, please immediately call 911, your doctor, or go to the hospital. 

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