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I woke up on my own this morning, without an alarm, on a Saturday, before 8 am. I guess I really am training my body to not sleep in so late! Remember in college when you’d sleep in until lunch (or maybe miss lunch all together)? Yeah- I kind of miss those days. This morning I bounced out of bed excited for a 7 mile run! I’ve been sick the last part of this week, so I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. I was excited to hit the road.

I started the morning with my traditional Luna Bar and Orange Juice routine, but also wanted to try out a few different fuel options this morning. Right before I left on my run I sucked down a CLIF Gel (mocha flavor)! I’ve only tried a gel one other time (my 10 mile training run last April), and am not a huge fan of the texture. The taste of the Mocha flavor was great though, and it sat in my stomach pretty well.

I checked the weather and it was a brisk 47 degrees, but based on the time I figured I would be done with my run, it was supposed to be 60 degrees. I used to struggle with what clothes would be appropriate, but today the choice was easy. I popped on my tank top I did my triathlon in and the running skirt I did my half marathon in, and it was the perfect choice for the weather!

I headed out for my run, and started off on a cross-country trail that I love! Not only does it provide a softer surface for my joints, but it’s also gorgeous. Case-in-point: look at these gorgeous flowers I ran past this morning:

Pretty fall flowers!

This morning the ground was covered in dew, and by half a mile in my feet were soaked. I wasn’t a huge fan. I jumped off the trail as soon as I could and did the next 6 miles around a college campus. I love running on college campuses, especially when they are more quiet in the morning. While most of the college kids were still asleep, some were up running around campus with other members of the community. It’s a great atmosphere, and I could almost feel the love of running as I passed so many other runners during my 7 miles!

The last mile my right knee and hip started to hurt (IT band tightness)? so I stopped and stretched briefly. I’m continuing to do the 3:1 run:walk method, and it’s going great!

Happy to be running!

Today was truly one of the most perfect runs I had. The weather was fantastic: brisk with the sun shining, the location was perfect, the trees are starting to change, and the love of running was in the air. Perfect morning:)

I followed the morning up with some delicious coconut water while stretching! So refreshing, and one of my favorite parts of finishing a run!

Then it was time for 2nd breakfast! Pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin spice french toast. Delicious!

Happy Saturday!