Happy Friday! Does anyone else still hear “It’s Friday….Friday…” in their head on Friday? No? Just me? Ok. I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend. I’ve felt a little sickish the last few days, so I’m excited to be a little more low-key. I must’ve caught some sort of bug. Multiple co-workers are sick and I’ve definitely had a number of sick clients the lat two weeks. Here are a few links that stood out to me this week:

Do Chia Seeds Deserve Their Health Hype: I love chia seeds (especially in oatmeal!) so this article immediately caught my eye. It was an interesting read.

Come Bearing Food: Great advice on things to do and not to do when a friend or relative has a baby!

Safely Go: Heather reviewed a phone app to help keep you safe while driving!

12 Lunges to add to your workout: Tina did a post on various types of lunges to add to a regular workout routine. To be honest, lunges aren’t something I normally do, so I found this interesting. I also “starred” it in google reader so I can try them out!

As Corn Prices rise, Farmers Add Candy To Cows’ Feed: Cows eating candy, huh?

Obese Children Less Sensitive To Taste: Interesting. While the researchers couldn’t give a specific reason to why this was, I found this study to be interesting.

Ways To Exercise For Free: Great ways to exercise for free (or at least much cheaper than some options)!

Now it’s your turn to share! Did you find out anything interesting this past week? What’s one way you like to work out for free?