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Well, this week was less than ideal in the exercise department. It started off ok, but on Tuesday night I got sick and didn’t work out again until Saturday. While it was the smart decision to rest, it not only gave me low mileage for the week and made me miss workouts (not that important really), but I also missed being outside in the awesome weather! Saturday I finally felt pretty close to back to normal, and I was able to get in my long run for the week! Here’s what the week looked like:

  • Sunday: Rest day following long run
  • Monday: 4.12 mile walk
  • Tuesday: 3.0 mile elliptical
  • Wednesday: Sick
  • Thursday: Sick
  • Friday: Rest & Recovery
  • Saturday: 7.25 mile run (Amazing!) + 2.2 mile walk later in the day

Total Miles: 7.25 mile run + 3.0 mile elliptical + 6.32 mile walk = 16.57 miles

It was ok. I missed my sprints run for the week, but given some recent knee pain that might not be so bad either. I wrote a whole post on my 7 mile long run already (which I linked to above), so I won’t talk about that either. Despite being sick, I’m happy I was able to get a run in, some walks, and a day of cross training too!

Now it’s your turn to share! Are you good at taking time off when you’re sick, or do you try to ignore the fact and work out anyways? What are you looking forward to this week?