On the 4th of July I was trying to think about my answer to the question “What’s your favorite holiday?” I love holidays and I don’t think I could choose just one! 4th of July holds a lot of special memories for me as I used to dress up and participate in a local parade with my cousin! We would do “tricks” on our scooters and throw out candy to other kids; it was a blast!

This year there wasn’t a parade, but it was still quite a bit of fun! I got to celebrate at the beach which was perfect! My day started off with making homemade blueberry pancakes! Yummm! We hit the beach first thing in the morning and enjoyed a long walk before it began to rain on us! Luckily it was a quick downpour, and we were soon able to head back to the pool. After lunch we headed back to the pool, and enjoyed time out there until dinner! I started to read the second Hunger Games book again, and was reminded of how obsessed I really am with them!

Marco Beach

A walk on the beach


Catching Fire at the pool!

Dinner was potato salad, brats, and my favorite part: blue and red jello eggs! Yumm!

4th of july jello eggsI took this picture a few days after they were made, so that’s why they look a little deformed now! Just as tasty though!

After dinner we headed back to the beach and walked about a mile down while enjoying others’ personal fireworks and patriotic music. We finally found the perfect spot and settled in for the fireworks show! We were right at the edge of the ocean, and this provided one of the best fireworks displays I’ve been to! The fireworks were reflected in the water which looked really pretty, and I could hear the sound of the waves too. Patriotic music was played in the background, and it was a really fantastic moment!

4th fireworks on Marco

The mile walk back home on the beach was fantastic too with others’ fireworks displays. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day full of music, food, the beach, and the pool!

How did you celebrate the 4th of July? Do you have a favorite holiday?