Every 2 years when the Olympics roll around I spend those weeks glued to my TV. In short, I’m a HUGE fan of the Olympics 🙂 While I’ve always loved gymnastics, swimming, and diving, my personal entrance into running and biking have made me excited for those sports as well. This was the first time I watched the trials for running events, and this has definitely added to my excitement since January!

In celebration yesterday I did Pilates and then jumped into the pool for a half mile swim (ha- as if that’s remotely close to anything that an Olympian does), and ate Greek food for dinner while watching the Opening Ceremonies. So why Greek food instead of English food?

Part of the reason that the Olympic games holds a special place in my heart is that I’ve had the privilege to go twice to Olympia, Greece to see where the ancient Olympic Games actually began.

I’ve gotten to actually run on the ancient Olympic track. Clearly this is what ancient Olympics would’ve worn.

I’ve had the chance to stand where the Olympic flame is lit.

I’ve stood on the race track that ushered in the modern Olympics. (Athens, Greece)

And recently I got a chance to tour the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I’ve even gotten to tour the Olympic facilities in Athens, Greece from the 2004 summer Olympics.

Knowing the history and getting to walk through the ancient gyms and tracks have made the Olympics come to life for me, and I appreciate them more because of it. Even without seeing that, I can still greatly appreciate the athletic abilities of these modern day athletes though! Seriously, I don’t understand how anyone can get THAT good at something the way they are. I deeply admire their dedication and hard work for their sport, and I enjoy getting to spend these weeks watching them compete! Here’s to a great summer Olympics!

Sidenote: Throughout the Opening Ceremonies all I could think about was Hunger Games and Harry Potter. See any similarities?

now it’s your turn to share! What’d you think of the Opening Ceremonies? What’s your favorite sport(s) to watch and which do you avoid?