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This week brought the beginning of the Olympics, so this pushed me forward in my workouts this week! I certainly don’t work out AT ALL like any Olympian, but I felt that this week was a pretty good week. After a few weeks of pushing it, I went a bit lighter this week, but managed to fit in some Pilates, 2 swims, and 1 bike ride. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Sunday: .56 mile walk, REST
  • Monday: 1 hour Pilates, .28 mile walk
  • Tuesday: 1 hour Pilates, 1.21 mile walk, .75 mile swim
  • Wednesday: 10.37 mile bike, 1.26 mile run
  • Thursday: .56 mile walk
  • Friday: 1 hour Pilates, .5 mile swim, 1.3 mile walk
  • Saturday: Rest

Total Miles: 3.91 mile walk, 1.25 mile swim, 10.37 bike, 1.26 mile run= 16.79 total miles + 3 hours Pilates

This was definitely a lighter week for me, but I have started to feel the increase of my workouts, and I think my body was happy for a little rest. Pilates has obviously been a crucial part of my workouts this summer, and I really wish I could continue at this level throughout the rest of the year, but at this point it isn’t possible. Maybe sometime in the future!

Now it’s your turn to share: What’s one thing you accomplished this week? What’s one way you like to strengthen your core?