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“Run early and eat all day” <- isn’t that the motto for Thanksgiving? On Thanksgiving morning my alarm was set for 7:15 am to wake up and run the town’s annual 5k Thanksgiving Gobble Wobble. Last year I ended up running in my running skirt and short sleeve shirt, but with a feels like of 13 this year, I obviously bundled up quite a bit. I haven’t run in really cold weather this year, so I knew it’d be a different run than any of them in the past few months.

picstitchBefore and After the Race

The race started at 8:30, and snow flurries were in the air which made it really pretty. I haven’t gotten my usual pace back since my last half marathon, and my legs just weren’t feeling it. Since I haven’t run in the cold like this so far this year, I figured I’d be a little slower as my muscles just aren’t used to it.

This is the first race (I think) where I had to stop to re-tie my shoe. For all big races I double knot my shoes so that I know I won’t ever have to deal with it, but on Thursday I wasn’t even thinking as it was a fun run. I crossed the finish line in 34:17, which is definitely slow, almost 4 minutes slower than my 5k PR.

But this was a fun run. Being Thanksgiving, I spent a lot of the race thinking about how grateful I am for so many aspects of running and exercise in my life. This was race #12 for the year, and I’m thankful I’ve had the chance to run as many fun races as I have this year!

Did you run a race on Thanksgiving? Does it take you awhile to adjust to running in cold weather?