Fact- I didn’t run for a week after my latest half marathon. I walked and did pilates, but that was it. On Sunday morning, I decided it was time to start running. I think I was feeling a bit inspired since I was staying in a hotel on an Air Force Base. I was there to see my brother graduate from pilot training (he has his wings now!!), and I thought this was a great time to jump back into the groove.

I set my alarm for 6:30 am, ate a quick breakfast in the hotel room, warmed up, laced up my shoes, and hit the road! The hotel I was staying at was very close to the air field, and the sun was rising over the landing strips which made for a beautiful view. On my other side was field after field that had actual air force planes on display. You can hardly get a better view then that, right?

The first half mile I felt pretty stiff, but then loosened up a bit as I hit a good stride and breathing pattern. At mile 0.9 my IT bands started to stiffen and hurt. Now, as you know, I’m no stranger to IT band pain, but it usually doesn’t hit until mile 2-4 of runs, so this was surprising. But, seeing as I had just completed a half marathon and then had a long car and plane trip a few days later, maybe this wasn’t completely surprising. I ended up running a 5k around the base, and I’m not sure I would’ve made it that far without the scenery and beautiful morning weather. I was stiff, aching, and my IT bands felt so tight that it was difficult to bend my leg. OUCH. I guess I need to get in some more foam rolling sessions!

But regardless of the pain, this run was truly fantastic. It was still, peaceful, and I was filled with gratitude for those who serve our nation. This run, while it showed me that I’m still not back 100% physically, I’m back mentally, and that’s a good thing!


Thanks again to all our veterans and active duty military members, along with their families!

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you been to a military base before? What did you do to “celebrate” Veteran’s Day?