My co-workers and I have recently been talking about taking the time each day to give ourselves a gift. These aren’t big gifts, but they’re little things that we can do for ourselves as we give so much of ourselves to others through our job.

In the last 5 days I’ve been in 5 different states. I’ve spent somewhere around 16 hours driving, flew 3 of the last 5 days, went to my brother’s pilot graduation, and gave a talk yesterday. It’s been a crazy last 5 days, and I’ve gotten very little sleep. I’ve been busy, and work the next 3 days is going to be long and busy as I try to squeeze in a few extra clients.

SO, because of that, I’m giving myself a gift. I’m going to give myself the gift of time. I’m bowing out of something that I had planned to do tonight through work, and that was going to take up my entire evening (until around 11 pm). I feel bad because it’s something I was looking forward to. However, I NEED the time, so I’m giving it to myself.

Tonight, I’m going to unpack, cook some real food, and go to bed at a reasonable time. I can’t wait.

As we give to others, we also need to give back to ourselves.

What little gift can you give yourself today?