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Disclaimer: I was offered a free Bib from the Foam Fest in exchange for sharing my thoughts on this race. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts are my own. 

I was so excited to have the chance to do another “fun run” this year, and while I love half marathons and more serious races, I feel like it adds some fun to training to have these types of runs too. I was supposed to do the race with Melissa, but she was sick, so I ended up going alone. I was really excited for this race, as they claim it’s “filthy clean”- a good mixture of mud and foam! The race website suggested getting to the venue an hour early for check in, so that’s what I did. I ended up not needing so much time at all, but in later waves (yes- you get to choose what wave you want to run in, which helped the lines at obstacles be nice and short) I saw a much longer line for registration. Just a head’s up! I turned in my waiver, left my stuff at gear check, and headed to the starting line. I started talking to 3 other women, and when they found out I was there alone, they invited me to run the course with them! One of them had even run the Indy Women’s Half the weekend before too!

The first part of the course started in the woods, climbing through webs of ropes, down trails, and up and down little hills. This was the first time I’ve ever thought that I might actually really enjoy trail running. Once we popped out of the woods, we hit the first Foam and Mud pit. The ground was really slippery due to the mix of mud and and foam. They had inflatable balls hitting you as you ran through, making it even more difficult to keep balance!

Foam Fest Seriously- doesn’t that look like fun?

From that point on we ran most of the race on the sides of a soybean field, which meant the ground was uneven. Some places in the fields were so uneven that we had to slowly walk so we didn’t twist an ankle. This was a little frustrating as it would’ve been fun to run a bit more of it! The most crazy obstacle for me was crawling up a rope ladder thing about 20ish feet in the air and then climbing back down. I was totally ungraceful, but it was fun.

Foam Fest 1This was sort of a huge inflatable slip and slide. It was so long that you had to run the last part of it, which was tough, but so fun.

Foam Fest 2

The end came far too quickly, and I really wished I could run through the course again. The final obstacle was a huge inflatable slide with water on it- I may have yelled a bit on the way down! It was a really fun way to end this great race!

Foam Fest 6


Even though I had gotten muddy throughout the race, I had very little left on me by the end, as you can see in the picture above. They had little stations to rinse off too, but I didn’t bother waiting in line for them.

A few suggestions for you: I brought a towel to sit on in the car, which I would strongly encourage you to do. I also brought a bag to put my shoes and socks in, since there was mud still in them. I loved being able to switch to flip flops right away. Bring sunglasses to run in so that spraying water, soap, or mud won’t get in your eyes. I wore contacts and sunglasses and was just fine. My clothes and shoes cleaned up just fine (although I didn’t wear my current pair of racing shoes for the event).

My thoughts on the race: Positives: The race was SO FUN, and I had a great time running. The obstacles were quite a bit of fun, and it was incredibly well organized. There were two places to get water to drink on the course, which was a nice touch. They had all sorts of other activities that you could do after the race too (but obviously had to pay for them). They gave out shirts at the end, and they were great. They had women’s specific shirts that fit really well and were cute! The volunteers were all very nice and helpful too.  Negatives: The entry price was $75, and I would’ve never paid that for this race. It wasn’t $75 worth of fun, for sure, even though I did love the race. I know that lots of people were able to get discounts (the women I ran with got it half price on groupon). Parking was also $10, so the price of the race in total could add up pretty quickly. I had asked a question of Foam Fest via twitter a few days before the race, and didn’t get a response, which was a little disappointing. For post race food they ONLY had pure protein bars, and they have milk and whey in it. For anyone who is lactose intolerant (like I am), vegan, or has a milk allergy, there was no post-race food available. I’d highly suggest the race look into other options that everyone could eat… especially if they’re going to charge $75 for the race. Luckily I had brought other food in the car!

So, overall, the race itself was a LOT of fun, and I really enjoyed the obstacles and getting a chance to play around in the mud. I would definitely consider doing the Foam Fest race again… but wouldn’t pay full price for it! For those of you who’d love to run the race but don’t want to pay full price, use the following code at checkout for a discount (good nationwide): FF3380

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever done the Foam Fest before? What fun runs have you done in the past or are wanting to do?

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