Happy Thursday! It’s been quite the week on my end- I’ve had some huge job related opportunities pop up, which is exciting, had one of the greatest bike rides of my life yesterday (will be on the blog tomorrow), and my step-grandpa died yesterday (I only saw him a small handful of times ever though- maybe around 5 times?). Lots of stuff going on here. Here’s what I’m thankful for at the moment.

I’m thankful for a fun weekend running and going to the pool with friends. This weekend was comprised of some of my favorite things- food, friends, TV, nail polish, and exercise! I loved running the Neon Dash race with Meg and Melissa, and am glad I got the opportunity to run with them (even though the race was poorly organized).

I’m thankful for fun nail polish colors! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I smile almost every time I see my nails painted. I don’t know why… I just love it. I tried these two new colors at Melissa’s this past weekend, and really like them both (sorry for the feet picture- if I had access to the blue color on my fingers, I’d obviously use that instead.).

Summer Nail Polish

I’m thankful for having access to a gym for free! This is one of the perks of my job- a free gym! It’s not as nice as the gym I grew up with, but I save a lot of money by using the one at work, and I appreciate it quite a bit!

I’m thankful for my bike. I love being able to hop on my bike and go where I want. I love getting to experience nature up close. I’m also thankful that I didn’t have to pay for my bike (it was a hand me down from my younger brother).

I’m thankful for fans.  I’ve been able to pay less for air conditioning while also being comfortable because of them the last few weeks. What neat little inventions 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share! What’re you thankful for right now? What’s your favorite summer nail polish color?

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