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Alright- this is it. Actually, I might do one more recap to show what my recovery looks like, but after doing training recaps almost every week of this year, I finally have about a 2 month break before I hit training again. I have great plans for the summer in terms of my running and physical fitness, and I’ll share that along the way. Here’s how my final week of training (and taper) looked:

  • Friday (5/30): 30 minutes barre (while teaching), 1 mile walk, 25 minutes strength training (arms)
  • Saturday: 3.1 mile walk (with a friend from high school who came to visit!)
  • Sunday: 2.15 mile run
  • Monday: 30 minutes barre (while teaching), 25 minutes strength training (arms)
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes gentle pilates, .75 mile slow walk
  • Wednesday: 20 minutes strength training, 20 minutes pilates (while teaching), 1.25 mile run (last run of training cycle)
  • Thursday: 1 mile slow walk
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 13.1 mile half marathon race, 1.8 mile recovery walk

The time I spent working out the week leading up to the race was about 1/3 of the time I normally spend, and I could really feel it. My runs were gentle, my walks were at a slower pace, and pilates was gentle as well. I wanted to keep moving and keep my muscles loose, but wanted to let them fully recover too! Thanks for following along with my training!


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