Happy Friday!! Today is the day before race day, and I’m so excited!! It’s nice and warm and humid out, so we’ll see how it goes. Today Melissa and I are spending the day together, watching TV and going crazy from taper and sitting out at the pool! It’s a great distraction for how antsy I’m currently feeling. How about some random facts for you?

I really enjoy using TV Catchphrases in my every day life. I still have to try hard sometimes when I’m talking to clients to not say “that’s what she said” after things they say. I figure it’s not so professional. If you love TV catchphrases, check out this youtube video:

I sometimes wish that I could get clients to understand some of what goes on in my head when I sit across from them. This article on 5 things Counselors Want You to Know was a great read for me.

I deleted a bunch of photos (maybe close to 40) in preparation for race day. Here’s a collage that came out of the photo dump.

desserts and other fun thingsClockwise from top left: Melissa and Me, Oikos came out with frozen yogurt (that I can eat even though I’m lactose intolerant because of the active bacteria cultures!!), I’m obsessed with the honey mustard wheat thins, conquering the bench press, and trying to get the 2048 tile.

I’ve finally conquered the bench press. BOOM. I’m actually pretty scared of it, but I’m bound and determined to continue to bench even though my brother can’t lift with me anymore. I benched last week and I felt solid!

I’m obsessed with the new line of wheat thins. I eat the honey mustard and/or zesty salsa crackers almost every day. YUMMM. Have you tried them yet?

Alright- I’m off to relax, sit by the pool, and hit up the expo. Tomorrow is race day!!!