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First of all- happy National Running Day! I’m celebrating by going out on a very short run- just a little shake out one since I have a half marathon on Saturday! Last year I wrote an entire post on why I run, so check it out if you’re interested in it! Running helps me deal with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome– it allows me to fight, to prove that a diagnosis can’t completely control me. Running is a time set apart for reflection, for happiness, for time in nature, and for mindfulness. Running is for stress relief and for freedom. I’m so thankful I took a risk in that first run, and even though I almost passed out, I kept going. I run for me, and I run because I can, even though it has to look different due to POTS.

national running day badge 2014

Like I mentioned, this week is race week. I’ve never had a race week that’s been so hot/high in humidity before. This is obviously pretty nerve-wracking to me, especially with POTS. With POTS I don’t have the ability to cool myself down like I used to. I already have to consume more salt and fluid than the average person, so add in lots of sweating, and I’m curious to see how it’ll go. I do know that I won’t put myself in danger, so if I need to take extra walking breaks, and/or slow my pace down, I’ll definitely be doing that. I’ll likely carry my handheld with me so I can have some extra fluid in case what’s on the course isn’t enough. I’ll be carrying extra salt packets in case I feel myself getting dizzy. And I’m debating whether I should wear a tank top or go without a shirt… with my issues cooling myself, having one less layer of clothing might be really helpful. I’m still pretty undecided on this though. This week I’m doing all of these race week preparations and trying not to let taper get to me.

I’m craving a good bike ride, but I’m not allowing myself. I walked way more miles than I really should have last week, so I’m really cutting back this week. I find myself pacing around my living room a bit, and then force myself to sit down. That’s how it goes, I guess.

Carmel 2Melissa and me running Carmel in April 2014

Despite the concerns about the weather, I’m so excited to get to spend more time with (and race again with) Melissa (we ran the Carmel Half Marathon together in April… when it was much cooler, but with more hills), and hit the starting line again!

Now it’s your turn to share! Why are you a runner? Any hints for running in the heat?

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