I’ve now taught 4 sessions of pilates/barre classes (started my 5th two weeks ago), so I thought I’d do a check-in on how it was going. Teaching pilates and barre classes have been one of the greatest things about my last year. While I haven’t loved the 5 am wake up call (especially in the winter!), my Tuesdays and Thursdays are better for it!

These classes feel different to me than a regular early morning work out. Because both of these classes involve the mind-body connection, they feel incredibly grounding. To spend an hour focusing on my breath as I cue others to connect their minds and bodies as they exercise is energizing and peaceful to me at the same time. Even though I wake up over an hour earlier on the days that I teach, I tend to have so much more energy on the days that I teach.

Barre is especially awesome with the playlists that I have. Here are some examples: Playlist 1 and Playlist 2. Listening to those playlists from 6-7 in the morning really gets my heart rate up!

I love the energy that the students give off too! The little groanings they give off when they take a break, but then continue to push themselves forward inspires me, and I appreciate how much they give to class! This last session I’ve had my hardest working group of people yet, and they’ve really improved greatly, and I can tell that they’ve gotten so much stronger!

It’s been great to see how I’ve improved too, and how much more comfortable I’ve gotten in teaching and stringing the flow of exercises together! It’s sort of funny to think that a year ago, this wasn’t really even on my radar, and I’d never even taken a barre class!

I also love that I get paid to work out. Now really I walk around and correct the students positions quite a bit in class, but there are some things that I do the entire time with them (like the warm up, cool down, and cardio sections in barre), or at least do the first few reps with them. It’s kept me extra flexible and strong through half marathon training!

Most of all I’m just thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to get paid to teach something that I really love and believe in to others! It’s great to see their life benefit too!

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