Happy Friday- Here are a few random facts/stories/moments from the week:

  • Two Sundays ago I was out for an evening walk, and someone threw a 32 ounce pop in a styrofoam container out the driver side window at me. It just barely missed me (luckily), but I still wasn’t pleased. I don’t understand why people do the things they do sometimes.
  • My baby (soccer) brother graduated from college a week ago, and I can’t believe it! He was in middle school when I left for college, so the fact that he’s now done with college just makes me feel a little strange. I’m so proud of him though, and so thankful that I got to spend his college years around him.
  • I love those lines in the carpet that pop out after vacuuming. I wish someone would come vacuum my living room every day while I’m at work so I could come home to those lines every day. Anyone else out there love those lines? I’m choosing to own my crazy here.
  • Yesterday Meg (from Chasing Elephants– go check her out, she’s awesome!) and I had a froyo date, and had a great time spending two hours getting to know each other. I love making blends!
  • Melissa and I are trying to figure out a “safe word” for our half marathon next word. By safe word, we really just mean a word to let the other person know we’re dizzy and on our way to passing out. Yes- we’re going to be prepared for all weather conditions…
  • To me, country music sounds like summer. I don’t love listening to country when it’s 10 degrees and snowing, but when it’s sunny and 70 or 80, it sounds like country music to me.

Now it’s your turn to share! Share a random fact from your last week! 

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