For four years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to live near my baby brother again as he went through college. I moved 10 hours from home when he was in middle school, and didn’t go home much, even in the summer. I missed a lot. So, when he decided to follow me and come to college near where I live, I was THRILLED. He’s a soccer player, and it’s been especially fun to get to watch him play college soccer for four years, even helping take his team to Nationals. I’ve enjoyed getting to lift with him almost every week during the spring semesters, and I’ve definitely learned quite a bit about health and strength training from him. What’s been even better is that he got to live with me this year, which was something that neither of us were planning on when he first came down here for school. Even though I didn’t get to see him every day this year (let’s be honest- so often I was asleep before he got home and had left for work before he woke up), I loved getting to spend more time with him!

Graduation weekend started out with a really fancy dinner- steak, lobster, lots of veggies, a huge table of bread with 4 types of speciality butter (i got pesto butter and ginger chili butter), lots of types of salad, delicious appetizers, and four delicious desserts to choose from! YUMMMM- I was still REALLY full a few hours later- it felt like Thanksgiving!

DinnerThere was absolutely no way I could eat all of this. Seriously- look how huge that steak is!

Lemon Tart

This Lemon Tart was the size of a salad plate. You better believe I ate the entire thing!

Another great joy of the weekend is that my Air Force Brother was able to come for about 34 hours to see him graduate. I haven’t seen AF Brother since Christmas, and likely won’t see him again until Thanksgiving or Christmas , so I was thrilled to get to see him at all.

Graduation was actually pretty exciting (I know that some of them can get really long and boring), but I knew lots of people in his class who were graduating, so that helped. He was smiling his little 3 year old smile- the smile that he did from the youngest age when he was just carefree and happy- it was so great to see. He’s worked so hard throughout college, and it’s been great to get to see firsthand. My family spent the day together, going on a 4 mile walk around campus, and my brothers and I stayed up pretty late on Saturday night hanging out.

The weekend went too fast, and the 4 years that my brother was in college went way too fast too. I’m so thankful that I got 4 bonus years of life to get to spend with my brother. Watching him pull away with his packed car was really sad, and I’ve definitely cried a few times since he left, but ultimately I’m happy for him. And now I can’t wait to see where his soccer takes him!!


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