Memorial weekend tends to be a fun weekend for people across the country. Picnics and parties tend to be the standard across the country, and I’ve certainly enjoyed this tradition throughout most of my life.

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Amidst all of the fun and parties this weekend, please don’t forget the real meaning of this holiday. I talked more about  Memorial Day (decoration day) in a post I wrote last year. Don’t forget the huge sacrifices that our fallen soldiers and their families have made. For me, I’ll be remembering my mom’s dad, my dad’s dad (he just died in February and will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery), and my brother who is in the Air Force (who I got to see this weekend!), along with other friends.

Underneath the fun, laughter, and good food, don’t forget what this day actually means…

Thank you to all who serve, and thank you to the families who have also made great sacrifices.

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