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This is my final hard workout week, as next week starts taper time. Oh boy. I’m still hoping that race day is nice and cool so I can run fast (for me) and not run one of my slowest half times. We’ll see- that’s definitely not something I can control 🙂 Here’s how the week looked:

  • Friday (5/16): 30 minutes pilates
  • Saturday: 9.8 mile run
  • Sunday: 40 minutes pilates, 13.75 mile bike (first on the road for the season), 1.75 mile walk
  • Monday:40 minute strength training (arms & abs with my brother!), 4 mile walk
  • Tuesday: 23 mile bike ride (my first group ride!)
  • Wednesday: REST (active rest) 1 mile walk (needed to rest but needed to try to move my legs a bit after my ride the day before)
  • Thursday: Active REST- 1.8 mile walk (nice and slow with a co-worker at lunch- awesome way to enjoy the sunshine!)

So there’s the week. Not only did I hit my peak running mileage, but this is pretty much the highest number of miles biked in any given week since sometime in late summer/early fall. I’m trying to keep my legs moving (nice, slow walks) to avoid them getting stiff, and adding pilates in there to keep myself stretched out! I’m definitely looking forward to some more light pilates during taper to keep me nice and loose! Good thing I made homemade peanut butter cups to keep me fueled this week 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share! What was your favorite exercise for the week?

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