Ok- some of these are facts, some of these are random things from life, and some of these things are just embarrassing… I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which is which. But first- happy Friday!! The 2nd half of this week has been rainy and chilly (as I’m typing this it’s a whopping 47 degrees outside), and it’s making me sleepy! Ok- here are some facts:

  • I went on two bike rides (on my trainer) this week. Both of them were “fueled” by bunny shaped peeps. Healthy living at its finest, am I right? (I prefer to think of it as balance πŸ˜€ )
  • On one of my bike rides, I was busy texting my cousin (remember, I was on my trainer, I wouldn’t text out on the road!), and I came really close to falling off my bike. I caught myself with one arm and one foot. Yikes. I need to get myself together before I hit the road.
  • I FINALLY sat down to watch Frozen earlier this week. I’m not a big fan of animated movies overall, but I enjoyed Frozen well enough. I have had “do you want to build a snowman” and “let it go” stuck in my head most of the week.
  • I was in my own world (watching the rain and singing a song in my head) as I walked into my office this week, and my boss walked out the door at the same time. I jumped and burst out laughing because it scared me so much… but I think I freaked him out even more by my reaction. I think I need to stay a little more present when I walk around my office.
  • I haven’t brushed my hair since Easter, and I’m loving it! I know it’s a general rule that you “shouldn’t” brush curly hair, but I always have when it’s been wet. I haven’t been brushing it lately, and it’s curling even better. I’ll stick with it for awhile… but we’ll see how it gets in the humidity of summer.
  • I normally only wear nailpolish that falls into the following categories: pink, brown, gray, and purple (with lots of shades in there). This last weekend on a whim I ended up buying a teal color (for less than 2 dollars, in case I didn’t like it). It’s taken 4 days but it’s finally growing on me.

nailpolish, spring

So, there you go- just a few random things from my week. Now it’s your turn to share something random with me! πŸ™‚