Hello and Happy Thursday! This is the last full week at one of my jobs (my primary counseling job is a 9 month job which means that I get summer break every year-YAY!), so I’m enjoying seeing my clients one last time this week. Next week is a partial week, and then I switch into a summer work schedule, which is far lighter. Here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for “nature walks”: I love being able to be outside, up close and personal with nature. I love pausing to watch the animals play, smell the flowers, and hike in the woods. Last week my co-worker and I both had a little free time, and walked on a path in the woods by our office for a bit. Ahhh.

I’m thankful for time to read for pleasure. I had some free time on Sunday, and got to read for about 2 hours (part of the time on my deck in the sunshine). I love the time to relax and engage in a story!

I’m thankful for being able to get through my run last weekend while still feeling strong. Yes, it was tough, and yes, it was slower than normal, but I still enjoyed it and was able to push myself as I could. Solid.

I’m thankful that I kept my little houseplant alive all winter! I got the little guy at the end of January, and it made it through the winter. It’s going to stay inside this summer, but each weekend I stick it out in direct sunlight for a few hours, and it seems to be happy with that. We’ll see if I can keep it alive moving forward…

I’m thankful for the moments I feel motivated to throw things away. I mean, I throw things away regularly, but on Saturday evening I got motivated to really clean things up, and ended up tossing out half a bag of useless things (papers I had saved, etc…) and filing away a few things as well. I have more clean surfaces now, which I love! I need that extra burst of energy to hit more often.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for today? 

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