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Another week of training complete. This week was absolutely beautiful, and I ended up going outside quite a bit. Sometimes my clients want to go outside for the hour, so we might walk, but of course it’s at a slow pace (really it’s activity more than exercise). Either way, I’ve been excited to get outside a bit more in the 80 degree sunshine! Here’s how the week looked:

  • Friday (5/2): REST
  • Saturday: 7.25 mile run
  • Sunday: 45 minutes pilates, 1.5 mi walk
  • Monday: 45 minutes strength training (arms w/a bit of abs at the end)
  • Tuesday: taught barre class, .85 mi walk (lunch stroll), 9.5 mi bike
  • Wednesday: 3.2 mile walk
  • Thursday:9.5 mile bike, 2.9 mile walk

My run on Saturday was really great, but the last mile or so I had some IT band pain (such that I had to stop twice to stretch it out a bit). I haven’t had IT band pain like that since the fall, so it had me a bit worried. I used my stick quite a bit this week 🙂 I called a friend on Wednesday and headed out for a walk after work- it was great to be able to catch up and get some time in the sunshine!

Overall the week felt really great, and I enjoyed the schedule that I had throughout the week. Pilates and regularly stretching my calf muscles has been critical 🙂 I’m a month out from race day now- what a short time in between these races!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one thing you’re doing that you really like in training right now? Any mother’s day plans?

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