About two years ago I set out to make a dinner that I had looked forward to for weeks- eggs baked in avocado. I excitedly scooped out a bit of the avocado from each half to make room for the eggs, and followed directions exactly as I prepped the meal and put it in the oven!

I love eggs and avocado, so I thought this would be an excellent quick and easy meal to make. I guess I shouldn’t have been quite so confident.

Avocado, egg, baking, breakfast, meal

It came out looking pretty ok (that’s a little bit of red onion in the egg). I was excited to eat it (and pretty hungry by this time as it took longer to cook than the directions said), so I excitedly put it on a plate to eat. I took the first bite and actually gagged. Now, I love all three of these foods separately and together (i.e. in omelette form), but this was not good. Not good at all. I actually felt like I had taken a big bite out of a soggy diaper. Now, I’ve never actually taken a bite out of a soggy diaper before, but the taste of the avocado and egg was what I imagined it tasting like. It was disgusting- so much so that even two years later I still gag a little bit just thinking about it.

So, there’s a pinterest fail for you all. I guess sometimes in life we need things to not quite work out to keep us humble and give us a good laugh and story for the future.

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever had a pinterest/cooking/crafting mishap where things didn’t turn out like you had hoped? If so, please share it! 

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