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Like I said, I am mixing it up this year and running a half marathon two months after my last half marathon (I’ve always had them spaced out 6 months apart). This recap will go from my last half marathon until the present. It doesn’t look like a typical week in training because these two weeks have primarily been my recovery from my last half marathon! Here’s how the two weeks looked:

  • Saturday (4/12): Carmel half marathon, 3.3 mile walk (post race- nice and slow)
  • Sunday: 2.62 mi walk, 45 minutes pilates
  • Monday: 7.25 mi bike
  • Tuesday:15 mins pilates (while teaching), .5 mile walk (slow)- basically a REST day
  • Wednesday: 9.25 mile bike
  • Thursday: 3.5 mi run, 0.5 mi walk (to get home), 20 mins pilates (while teaching)
  • Friday: 2.12 mi walk
  • Saturday (4/19): 1.75 mi walk, 11.75 mi bike
  • Sunday: 2.45 mi walk, 45 minutes pilates
  • Monday: 2.25 mi run, 0.25 mi walk
  • Tuesday: 13 mile bike, 20 minute barre
  • Wednesday: 15 minutes lifting (arms), 1.5 mile walk
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: 6.3 mile run (This run “ended” recovery and started my active phase of training again)

That’s what my two weeks post race looked like. I tried to move a bit every day, and I kept my paces slower than normal most of the time (minus my runs). My bikes were slightly slower, and my walks were definitely much slower than normal. I’ve also gone much lighter with pilates, not pushing myself too hard in workouts. This has kept me feeling loose and working out the kinks from my half marathon while also keeping some of my fitness level up to jump right back into training.

So this means that the first 2 weeks are recovery weeks, the middle 4 weeks are training, and the final 2 weeks are taper again before my race- by far my shortest training cycle but I’m also coming in in great shape. So now hopefully I don’t get injured along the way 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share! Any tips for having a short training cycle like this? What’s one big accomplishment (fitness or otherwise) that you had this week?