There’s oh so much to be thankful for this week (and every week really, even when hard times come around). Here are some of the things that I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for a long weekend. I had last Friday and this Monday off for the Easter holiday, and it was pretty great! I got some great workouts in, cleaned a good amount, enjoyed a few hours of reading, spent lots of time with friends, and got some work and writing done. Relaxing, productive, fun, and healthy- that’s the best balance, isn’t it?

I’m thankful for the beautiful green grass! I forgot how green the grass actually gets, and every day lately I pause to enjoy it for a few moments. It’s beautiful and full of hope for the next few months ahead!

I’m thankful for Easter! What a great holiday, right? The greek meal that I had was pretty great as well.

I’m thankful for a great Boston Marathon! The elite runners ran a great race, an American won for the first time in over 30 years, and my friends who ran all did a great job! Juli, who I mentioned in this post along with a video of her story, made history by becoming the first female with dwarfism to finish the Boston Marathon! I saw her cross the finish line, and cheered really loudly in my living room. There was so much excitement on Monday, and I loved the strength and resiliency that was demonstrated.

I’m thankful for an unlimited supply of beverages. I try to remind myself from time to time as I’m getting a glass of water from the tap that this isn’t something I should be taking for granted. I can get water whenever I want, and I have the money to purchase whatever other beverages I might want in a given week. That is something HUGE to be thankful for in life!

I’m thankful for the warmth. The weather keeps bouncing between the 50’s and the low 70’s, and this is just absolutely beautiful weather! The feels like as I type this is a full 100 degrees warmer than some of the coldest days of the winter. Ahhhh… bliss.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for right now? Did you watch/cheer for anyone in the Boston Marathon?