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HAPPY MARATHON MONDAY! Today I’m waking up early and enjoying all of the footage on the marathon. I actually have the day off work, so I can watch the marathon instead of just catching little tiny clips in between my clients. I’ll be wearing my “Boston Strong” shirt and drinking from my Boston mug. One day I’d love to be in Boston on Marathon Monday, but for today, I’ll have to celebrate from afar.

Boston Marathon Finish Line IMG_5402

It’s weird to be watching this year, knowing that I’ve had my feet on that finish line, but also knowing that there’s likely no way that I’ll ever actually run this race. When I walked the last feet of the boston marathon race last September, I closed my eyes to take in the place, and to imagine the cheering, smiles, and tears that would fill that day in April of 2014.

Today, I also want to celebrate resiliency. Whether it’s the resiliency of each of the runner’s on the course, the resiliency of Boston, the resiliency of those wounded… the resiliency is important to acknowledge. Today is a day to remember and pray for those hurt and wounded (whether physically or emotionally) last year, and to cheer for and celebrate with those who have overcome.

And so today, I celebrate! Happy Marathon Monday!

Now it’s your turn to share! How are you celebrating Marathon Monday?