Growing up Easter was always a holiday that I looked forward to. Not only were there songs played at church that we only got to sing once a year, but there were also easter egg hunts, new dresses and bonnets, candy, and delicious food to eat as well!


Every year I got to arrange some of my little Easter figurines on the table. When I was at my parent’s house for Easter in 2011 I took a picture of all of them, and looking at them now I sure wish I had brought them back to my place! We also got delicious bunny bread (but I felt a little sad eating him!). When we were little my parents would track these bunny paw prints around the house so we could see that the Easter bunny had been there (was I really so dumb at one point that I didn’t put together the fact that they were paper prints and clearly a bunny wouldn’t leave paper prints??). And of course there were jello eggs. Lots and lots of eggs.

Today I’m celebrating by heading to church, and then hosting a big Greek meal for some friends (the leftovers will turn into this delicious mediterranean quinoa salad). And hopefully, as long as it stays nice, I’ll get in a nice long walk in the sunshine!

The reality is that all of that isn’t really important in light of what the holiday is about. The good news is that this is all about HOPE and GRACE.

Marco Island, Easter Sunrise Service, Easter Sunday, He has RisenEaster Sunrise Service on the beach in Marco Island (March 2013)

HE HAS RISEN and because of this we can have life. What’s more amazing than that? Happy Easter.

Now it’s your turn to share! Are you doing anything for Easter today? Any fun Easter traditions you had growing up?