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Back in 2012 I did a packing list for cold weather races and triathlons, but I realized as I was packing for my half marathon this past weekend that I had never done one for warm weather! My first half marathon was pretty hot (start temp was mid 60’s with humidity in the 90’s%), and they kept yelling across the course for people to slow down and walk. While I’ve done two other half marathons in warmer weather (and a handful of other races and triathlons), I’ve learned what works best for me in packing for a warmer weather race.


Race Outfit

  • Shorts or running skirt- depending on your preference
  • sports bra
  • Short sleeve or tank top that is moisture wicking (no cotton t-shirts!!)
  • 1 hat, headband, or visor to keep sweat and/or sun out of your face
  • Socks (moisture wicking)
  • Shoes (because I like to be over-prepared, I tend to bring more than one pair of shoes and leave them in the car. You know… just in case something crazy happens like a shoelace breaks )
  • depending on the race start temp, you may want a throwaway shirt
  • spi belt or arm band for phone and fuel
  • compression sleeves (arm or leg if you use them)

Other Items

  • Orange Juice for the morning of the race
  • Pre race breakfast (I eat one Luna Bar and one banana)
  • Bag to turn in at gear check to hold post-race items
  • head phones & ipod
  • Garmin or other pacing tool (like Runkeeper on iphone)
  • Plastic bag to throw race clothes in after the race (if you have to travel a long distance home)
  • flip flops for after the race (I often put these in with gear check so I can walk back to my car or hotel in flip flops- it feels so good!)
  • Gatorade or Coconut Water for post-race hydration
  • Banana or other foods to snack on post-race
  • 2 paper towels- can use if the port-a-potties are out of toilet paper or if you trip and skin your knee and want to wipe the blood off.
  • Race fuel (I use sports beans and shot blocks)
  • Salt packets- when it’s hot and I’m sweating a lot, sometimes a packet or two of salt on the course is helpful
  • towel to sit on after race or to dry off with it if rains
  • vasoline or body glide
  • bandaids (for blisters)
  • If it’s really sunny you may want sunglasses
  • Foam roller or “the stick”- I pack this for the night before if I’m staying somewhere else before the race. The stick is also nice if you have a bit of a drive home.
  • Phone Charger- whether you have a short drive to the race or a longer drive, it’s nice to be able to charge your phone on the way home- especially if it’s been run down by listening to music or running something like RunKeeper.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are some of your “must haves” when packing for a warmer weather race?

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