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Well, my half marathon is complete, and it was a great race (recap linked). This last week of taper felt really tough to me. I was antsy all week, and the walks that I took on Wednesday and Thursday were simply because I couldn’t sit still anymore and needed to move. I’ve never felt quite like that in a taper, but I guess it worked out for me! Here’s what my final week of “training”, in the taper period, looked like:

  • Friday (4/4): REST
  • Saturday: 2.3 mile run, 35 min gentle Pilates
  • Sunday: 1.6 mile walk, 1 hour Pilates
  • Monday: 30 minutes gentle pilates
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes Barre (while teaching barre class), 20 minutes strength training (arms)
  • Wednesday: 1.2 mile run (final run of training cycle), .65 mile walk (at a very slow pace)
  • Thursday: 15 mins pilates (while leading class), .6 mile walk (at a very slow pace)
  • Friday: REST

And then of course half marathon #5 on Saturday!

This training cycle went better than my first four did, so I think I’ll do a post in a few weeks once I’ve processed it a bit more about what I did differently this training cycle.

I’m a bit sore and stiff today, but not nearly as much as my other half marathons, which is nice to see. I can’t believe another training cycle is complete! Thanks for following along!

Now it’s your turn to share! What is one thing you’re doing differently while training this spring? What is one thing you’re keeping the same?