‘Tis the season for spring break trips, and quickly leading up to all sorts of summer vacations! Staying healthy while on vacation is something that can weigh heavily on peoples’ minds, so I thought I’d write a quick post sharing a few of the tips I use to stay healthy:


  1. Walk around to people watch and explore! When I’m at the beach in Marco Island, I end up walking around 4 miles a day. I could just sit on the beach, but I get a little bit of exercise AND get to see all sorts of odd people on the beach! It’s so fun! Walking is also a great way to explore a new city!
  2. Pack some healthy snacks. When I travel, I tend to bring a number of healthy snacks with me to carry in a back pack so I’m not stuck in a pinch and hungry. Of course I’ll eat local desserts, but I try to balance it with some healthy things too! Protein bars, nuts, and dried fruit are staples that I bring with me while traveling.
  3. Bring a resistance band or workout DVD to use in the hotel/condo/house that you’re at! A resistance band takes almost no space but you can use it to get a little workout in if needed. DVDs are also great, or you can find workout clips on youtube!
  4. Bring something fun to read! Vacation can be a great time to catch up on that book you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had time for! I tend to stock pile magazines for the 2-3 months before a beach vacation so I’ll have lots of fun reading material for the plane and the hours of sunshine!
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix up your normal routine! Again, when I’m in Florida, it’s just too hot to do much in the way of running (for me at least!). To get in a few “running” workouts, I do pool running 1-2 times a week! It’s a great cardio workout, and you can do it while still spending time with friends or family in the pool! I also love hiking (if I’m somewhere where that can be done), or kayaking in Florida. Don’t be afraid to mix up your normal routine and plan and try something fun and different!
  6. Stay hydrated. It’s really easy while on vacation (and out of our normal routines) to forget to drink as much as we need to. This can lead to feeling groggy, tired, and head-achy, which is exactly what we don’t want to happen on vacation! Set alarms throughout the day if you need to to remind yourself to get enough to drink!
  7. JUST RELAX and be flexible! Understand that one week isn’t going to “ruin” anything, so be careful to not catastrophize. If you gain a pound or two because you really want to enjoy local pastries (that was me in Spain last year!)- oh well, the world isn’t going to end! If all you do on vacation is walk from place to place and you can’t get in any other workouts for the week- well, that’s ok, just start up again when you get home! Stressing about not being “healthy” will only lead to a bigger lack of health. Sometimes having fun, enjoying the moment, and not stressing about it is what’s the most healthy in the moment! Vacations ideally are more relaxing and stress free, so don’t stress yourself out by all the “shoulds” you give yourself.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one way you try to stay healthy while on vacation?