The last few years for spring break I’ve gone to Marco Island, Florida and have really loved it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me to be able to go this year, and while I was certainly really said about it, I made up my mind to have a fun little “staycation” for myself. My work was (mostly) off this week, so I had lots of free time!

I started off my break with an awesome 9.8 mile training run in the sunshine! I had to take advantage of the new weather while it lasted, as it was supposed to be in the 30s and 40s most of the week! In my “staycation” I also got to house/dog sit from Saturday to Thursday. Even though I was still in my same city, it sort of felt like a mini-vacation anyways. Playing with two dogs for 5 days certainly added some excitement to my week.


(Clockwise from top L: Hour Barre Class, Reading “The Magician’s Nephew” while walking on the treadmill, my 9.8 mile run, and being constantly licked by one of the dogs I’m watching).

In elementary school I read only 3 of the Chronicles of Narnia series (of which “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” is one of them). I’ve decided to go through and read the entire series, and I’m pretty excited!

image(Clockwise from top L: Painting party, strength training, dogs sleeping while I watch TV, and spring break apparently means snow…)

On Tuesday of spring break week, a friend and I went to one of those painting events where food is provided, and it was lots of fun! I painted a tulip, and it was the first time I’ve really painted anything since I took a “drawing and paining” class in 2004. I’m really not artistic, but it was lots of fun, and it led to a great night of laughter!

photo 1(Clockwise from top L: Blueberry cake donut for Dunkin Donuts! YUM!, I got an awesome massage on Wednesday, Thursday was my last day dog sitting for these little cuties)

On Wednesday I went and got a massage (this massage therapist is awesome and only charged me $50 for about 70 minutes, and then she absolutely refused to take a tip. And then she loaned me a book. She’s really sweet, and I’ll just sneak an extra tip in next time.) to help try to end this migraine. Sometimes my back just gets too knotted up, and that leads to nasty migraines. I have awesome medicine to take that helps, but after 10 days of that I really needed to do something different. It definitely helped. I don’t live by a Dunkin Donuts, but when I went to the painting party I ended up driving past one, and got one for the next morning! YUMMM!

photo 2(Clockwise from top L: Biking while reading, real pizza (not lactose free!), Breaking Bad, and reading outside)

On Saturday we had ANOTHER day of snow (#3 over spring break), so instead of doing anything outside, I did a shorter (10 mile) bike ride while I read! Most of the time when I eat pizza it’s lactose free, so because it was spring break, I “splurged” and got a pizza with real cheese! It was delicious! I also started watching Breaking Bad over break, and have managed to watch through Season 2, episode 7! FINALLY after a very chilly break, Sunday was a beautiful day out! I was able to sit outside in a tank top and shorts and read a bit, and it was wonderful!

I actually worked two days over my “break”, but other than that I got a couple big things checked off my “to-do” list, worked out quite a bit because it was half marathon training peak week, cleaned my house, and hung out with friends… all on top of relaxing! Now it’s time to get back into my normal routine and head back to work!

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever done a “staycation” before? Have you ever pet sit before? Any good stories that came out of your pet sitting?