Like I mentioned last week, the weather was so beautiful on Friday the 21st that I wanted to move my long run up from Saturday to Friday, which is why my training week started on Friday instead of Saturday!

  • Friday (3/21): 9.8 mile run
  • Saturday: 2.6 mile walk
  • Sunday: 65 mins pilates, 3.1 mile walk
  • Monday:1 hour barre class, 2 mile walk
  • Tuesday: lifting (arms, 30 mins), 2.35 mile walk
  • Wednesday: 20 mike bike ride
  • Thursday: REST!
  • Friday: 3.5 mile run

As this week was my spring break, I had a little more time to do some fun workouts! I don’t normally get to do a barre class for myself, so that was fun! I haven’t done longer than a 8.6 training run since my first training cycle in April of 2012, so that was fun too. I ran farther, biked harder, and lifted heavier than normal. Needless to say, by Thursday morning I felt just a little beat up from the week, but also pretty about how the week looked too! This is obviously my peak training week- the next two weeks I’ll be slowly tapering before race day! Overall it’s been a great training cycle!

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me something fun or different from your past week!