Happy Thursday! This is spring break week for me, so it’s been an extra chill and enjoyable week, even though I didn’t travel anywhere. I’ve made up my mind to have an excellent staycation, and that’s exactly what I’ve had! Here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for barre training. Like I mentioned in this post, barre training was something that I thought about for about two weeks (I signed up pretty much as soon as I heard that there was going to be one near me), but I’m so glad that I did! Not only is barre class really fun to teach, but I love being able to challenge myself when I do barre too. This week I put myself through a barre class and was REALLY sore afterwards!

I’m thankful for a really good half marathon training cycle. Last week I did what will be my peak long run for this coming half marathon, at 9.8 miles. The run was fantastic, and I felt great!

I’m thankful my huge test is overIt’s been so nice this week to not have to worry about studying or taking my test- it’s OVER!!! It’s been such a relief 🙂

I’m thankful for the fun I’ve had this week. I was a little worried that I might be a little bored this week with lots of my friends being gone and me not going into work (well- i did lead one of my groups last night, but besides that I’ve been off), but I’ve had SO so much fun. I’ll do a post on it next week…

I’m thankful that I get to watch some of my favorite dogs this week. I’m watching two of my co-worker’s dogs this week, and I’ve been having a blast! I’ve watched these dogs since 2008, and they are  so fun to be around!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for right now? Have you ever watched someone’s pets when they go out of town?