This past summer when I became a barre instructor, I was able to take a class or two every week, and I loved it! Then I started teaching and stopped taking classes. I often do 15-20 minutes of the class along with students (I demonstrate every move and do the first few 10-15 reps with them so they can watch if needed, and then go around and correct form as they finish), but that’s it.

As this week is spring break (and they, therefore, don’t have class), I decided to do a barre class for myself! On Monday I headed into the studio, plugged in my ipod, and started playing my most recent barre playlist. WOW- what an intense workout! Seriously, barre workouts are amazing, and I really like that I can do them for myself 🙂 Definitely a perk of going through the training program!

After the planks and cardio section, my legs were already shaking! I hit basic releves in first position and was shaking so badly! Ahhh- hello muscles! Now I remember why students groan and glare sometimes when I yell “10 more”- I was yelling that at myself, but student me wasn’t so happy at instructor me!

photo 1

I love that barre is a total body workout, and I love how intense it can be! The music definitely helped, and it was fun to sort of experience the class from the student end in the studio in which I teach. I did a full hour class, and by the end I was so happy to hit child’s pose and catch my breath for a minute! I think this class reminded me that, once I’m done with half marathon training, I need to get back to doing these classes for myself a bit more frequently.

photo 2It’s hard not to feel good after a barre workout! With the fun music and energy in the room, I almost always leave class feeling happy and excited.

Now it’s your turn to share! Is there a form of exercise that gets you really happy and excited? Have you ever done barre workouts?