I eat breakfast at about 7 am, and my lunch hour doesn’t start until 1 pm, so most of the time I need a little something to get me through those 6 hours. I have a big drawer in my desk that holds all sorts of snacks and drink items so that I have a variety to choose from depending on my mood. I thought I’d give you a peek into my snack drawer:


I have Luna Bars in my drawer for my “2nd breakfast” on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I teach pilates and barre before work. Cheese sticks are obviously not kept in my snack drawer, but I keep a bag of them in our work refrigerator, and they make filling and delicious snacks in the middle of the morning or right after work if I’m heading to work out. All the way on the right are some flavorings for water. Sometimes I just need a break from straight water, and these are easy and convenient.

photoMore drinks!

I have a number of boxes of tea, as I usually end up drinking 3-4 cups of it a day (I reuse tea bags a few times). I also have apple cider mix to mix it up.


I usually have some sort of peanut butter, both for a snack item and to put on apples or bananas during lunch if I want. Almonds and other nuts are constants in my drawer. Occasionally I have dried fruit or trail mix as well.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are some snack items that you keep at work?