This week was the final week of the  the Move Nourish Believe Challenge with Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink (you can read about the move challenge and nourish challenge by clicking on the links). It’s been really fun to have little (but not too time consuming) challenges throughout February! With the nasty weather outside, having a little extra motivation for health is pretty great!

This week had multiple challenges that were perfect for my life. My grandpa died on Monday afternoon, so Monday and Tuesday were particularly good for me.

Monday: SPOIL YOURSELF! I had planned on going to lift, but an ice storm moved in so I decided to head home after work and get in a bike trainer ride. I had just hopped on my bike to rid when my mom called to tell me my grandpa had died. I had an awesome ride fueled solely by emotion, followed by a soak in the bathtub. It was definitely an evening to take care of myself.

Tuesday: 5 mindful minutes. As soon as I woke up I remembered my grandpa (those first precious seconds after you wake up when you’ve lost someone are so nice… when you don’t remember that the loss has happened), and I decided in that moment to get in my 5 mindful minutes then. I sat in bed for 6 minutes with my eyes closed and breathed deeply. It was a really grounding way to start my day.

Wednesday: Be Happy- Show Us Your Happy Place! I have a few happy places, but one of them is Marco Island, Florida. If you click on that link I think you’ll see why 🙂

Thursday: Let us know what you’re thankful for! Done- you can see my “Thankful Thursday” post here.

Friday: Shout Out to your #1 Supporter. Oh my, is this difficult. I think this sort of changes from time to time, and situation to situation. One of the most stable supporters is my oldest younger brother, who is in the Air Force.  He goes on runs with me, makes sure we talk at least once a week, is always on the look out for funny or interesting articles for me, and is so often affirming of me. This week especially with our grandpa dying, he has been an overwhelming support. I was lucky when he was born…

So that’s it for the Move, Nourish, Believe challenge. You can check out more about Lorna Jane here.