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I never thought that as an adult I would get snow days, but I’m lucky enough to have a job where I do get a few (my place of work has closed down 4 days in the last 4 winters, but two of them were when I was in Ecuador, so I didn’t get to enjoy those days…). I assumed with this winter that we were having that at some point we would have a travel ban in our county and work would be closed, and two weeks ago was the day!! (See- there are good things to be happy about in the winter!)

I woke up and found out that work was cancelled, so I headed back to bed, sleeping until 7:15. Got up, ate breakfast, and watched storm footage for awhile. Then I turned on NCIS: LA and hopped on my bike trainer for an extra long ride (extra long= half an hour longer than I would’ve done sans snow day) at an hour and a half. The time flew by and felt like about 25 minutes.


I spent a few hours in the afternoon and early evening baking cookies. I made these heart shaped gingerbread cookies and heart shaped sugar cookies, which I then frosted and sprinkled! I’m so thankful to have had some extra time to do that, as this past weekend was busy and I didn’t have a few extra hours to spare!

Even though I had exercised that morning, I of course made sure to go out on a short 30 minute (but very slow due to the layer of ice underneath the snow) walk so I could enjoy the snow and beauty around me! I’ve really enjoyed going on short walks while listening to podcasts lately, even though it’s cold and snowy!

I made breakfast for dinner (isn’t that the best?!) for my brother and myself and we ended the night watching a movie. Of course my snow day fun ended to early, as my pilates sessions have started up again, so I have a 4:45 wake up call for teaching again.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one of your favorite “snow day” activities (either now or when you were growing up!)? Have you gotten a snow day yet this winter?