When I first started hearing about barre workouts, I was instantly intrigued. I danced pretty much my entire life until I hit college, so the idea of heading back to the barre was really exciting. I took a few classes early in the summer of 2013, and knew that I needed to become a certified instructor (which I completed in July of 2013). The place I did my training at incorporated pilates principles into barre training, which I really loved since I’m such a strong believer in pilates! I’ve been teaching barre class now since September of 2013, and have really been enjoying it.

Do you want a class that works muscles you don’t regularly use? Do you want a class where you work muscles from shoulders to toes? Are you looking for strength, cardio, and flexibility in one? Then this is the type of class for you!

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Barre class will take you through a series of exercises and, as the name suggests, most of these exercises will be at the barre. Many of these exercises are rooted in ballet movements, giving you killer calves just like dancers have! Barre is made up mostly of micro-movements and pulses, which SEEMS like it would be easy but hurts more than almost any other exercise I’ve done! Your legs will be shaking (which is definitely part of the goal of these classes!), you’ll likely be sweating, and you’ll beg for mercy- all great components of a class!

Beyond being a great full body exercise, barre classes usually include upbeat and exciting music to help motivate you! As an example, you can see one of my barre playlists here.

If you have a barre class in your area, I’d encourage you to give it a try! It’s a great form of cross training, and will help strengthen lesser used muscles AND muscles that are critical for things like running and biking!

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever done a barre workout before?