Happy Thursday!! I hope you all have been enjoying the week, and have had a bit of time to watch the Olympics 🙂 Here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for the Olympics! This week has been extra fun due to the hours of Olympic footage that I’ve watched. I love the suspense and friendly competition. February also tends to be the month that drags the most for me, so I’m extra thankful that the Olympics are in February.

I’m thankful for the cold that leads to sunshine. I’m not used to having so many sunny days in the winter, but if I have to take the colder weather to get it, then I’m not complaining. The colder the day, the more likely we are to have sunshine it seems, and I’m thankful for it!

I’m thankful for treadmills. This past weekend I did my longest ever treadmill run at 4.6 miles. While I certainly don’t love running on the treadmill and can’t wait to get to training on actual pavement (like I’ll be running on during the race), I’m thankful that treadmills do exist. The roads I live on/by have had ice on them for over two weeks now, and even when I walk I slip and slide around. Running isn’t really safe, so I’m thankful that treadmills exist and that I have access to them at the gym (even if I don’t particularly like them).

I’m thankful for hot chocolate. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I really missed being able to drink hot chocolate once I became lactose intolerant. Being able to make my own mix has been wonderful, and I’m thankful that I stumbled upon the original recipe.

I’m thankful for snow days! I had a snow day last week, and while it added a slight complication with work, I’m really glad that I had that time off. The day was relaxing but I got a few things checked off my “to do” list that really needed to be done!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for right now? Has the weather prevented you from working out outdoors?