I actually don’t really love doing WIAW posts, but today’s challenge for the Move Nourish Believe Challenge that I’m doing is to do one of these posts, so here I am… doing that. While dinner is normally my “big meal” for the week, this week lunch is my big meal because the salads are BIG (I have a huge Tupperware bowl I bring it in to work), and I’m not hungry for a huge meal after that. Salads for the win.

This is actually “what I ate Tuesday”, and Tuesday mornings start early at 4:50 am when I wake up to teach barre class.

(Unpictured: banana and 8-9 ounces of orange juice before class)

I eat two breakfasts on the days that I teach, as I need something before I teach, but I’m hungry after I work out. My typical meal afterwards is a protein bar and 16 ounces of coffee (today it was w/samoa cookie creamer! YUM!):


Most days I either have almonds or a cheese stick as a morning snack, but days like this when I eat 2 breakfasts I am less likely to eat one of these. I didn’t today.

Lunch was this veggie protein salad– packed with a serving of quinoa, a serving of beans,  a hard boiled egg, cheese, spinach, and other fresh veggies. This salad is SO filling and delicious. I also had 2 clementines and a greek yogurt, and I was a little uncomfortably full at this point. I love this meal because it’s so quick, easy, healthy, and is packed with protein.


I often have an afternoon snack, but again with this salad, I usually stay full much longer than most of my lunches. Dinner was a stuffed pepper, a whole grapefruit, carrots with greek yogurt dip (YUMMMY!!!- also, unpictured) and a few of the eclairs from the box pictured. YUM!!!


Like I said, I often end up eating a morning and afternoon snack, but having two breakfasts along with how filling the lunch was, and that was definitely not happening today!

Now it’s your turn to share! What was one of your favorite foods you’ve had to eat so far this week?