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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that we ALL can celebrate, whether we’re in “A RELATIONSHIP” or not (I say it in quotes because each of us are apart of lots of relationships with people in our lives). There are plenty of people we can celebrate, including ourselves! For singles, Valentine’s Day can still be a fun day of loving ourselves well and spending time with good friends. For those in a dating/committed/marriage relationship, Valentine’s Day is still a day to love others well, AND LOVE ourselves well. That’s the thing- to love others well we need to love ourselves well. If we can’t love ourselves well, then we certainly can’t love others well. I’ve written about this before, and have three links posted below on the topic.

Why not be proactive this week in looking forward to Valentine’s day! Plan something fun to do with other people, spend time intentionally doing things that you love to do, and invest in yourself and in your relationships!

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Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day food? What’s something that you love doing that you can do this week?