I keep hoping one of these recaps I’ll be able to say “the weather was finally great and I got to run outside”… but this week is not the week. Clocking in at about 16 inches of snow throughout the week (plus lots of ice), no running was happening outdoors. I’m so thankful for my bike trainer though! Wednesday was a snow day (yay!), so I enjoyed a bit more free time for a longer ride than I had planned. I’m also back to teaching pilates/barre class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and that changes up my workout schedule a bit. With that said, here’s what the week looked like:

  • Saturday (2/1): 1 hour pilates
  • Sunday: 1.55 mile walk
  • Monday: 4 mile run
  • Tuesday: 35 minutes pilates
  • Wednesday: 19.5 mile bike, 1.7 mile walk
  • Thursday: 15 minutes pilates/ REST
  • Friday: REST

Pretty easy week, and I loved how much pilates I got in for the week (at three times, although Thursday it was pretty short). Doing the Move Nourish Believe Challenge this week was also fun!

Now it’s your turn to share! What was your favorite “move” from the week? Have you done pilates?