Happy February and Happy Sunday! Week 3 of training is done, and things aren’t quite as I’d like them to be. This polar vortex really isn’t helping, and my limited access to a treadmill limits me. This past weekend running was absolutely out, but I tried to move and walk. On Saturday’s walk I ended up leaning at an angle pushing against wind and whipping snow, and luckily a friend happened to drive past me and drove me the rest of the way home. On Sunday’s walk I planned to go much further, but even with my long underwear, multiple layers, and multiple socks in my boots, 1.3 miles trudging through unplowed streets was all my poor body could take. At least I have a bike trainer, right? Here’s what my week looked like:

  • Saturday (1/25): 2.67 mile walk
  • Sunday: 1.3 mile walk (all I could take in the freezing temps!)
  • Monday: 1 hour pilates
  • Tuesday: REST
  • Wednesday: 3.6 mile run
  • Thursday: 2.5 mile walk
  • Friday: 13.4 mile bike ride, 20 minutes pilates (just to gently stretch out), 1.6 mile walk (slow- not “exercise” but movement. I just wanted to get out while the snow was falling!)

I’ve also been dedicated to doing planks this month, and hit 30 minutes for 2014 on Friday (the end of the month). Planks are important to half marathon training for me (as well as pilates), so I try to make it a priority a few times a week. They are also part of my 14 in 2014 challenge, so I’m extra motivated to do them!

Now it’s your turn to share! How have you done with workouts with the cold/snow/ice of winter? What was the best part of January for you? (for me it was my trip to Ecuador and my massage in the side of a volcano)