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There’s nothing like below zero temperatures, whipping winds, and more and more snow every day to make me feel incredibly thankful for the things that I have. (Just me thinking that is a HUGE mindset shift from a few years ago, when I would’ve done nothing but complain and make myself feel “miserable”- but no more. How sad to live like that!). Here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for a cozy day at Starbucks! Last weekend I headed down to a new-to-me Starbucks with a friend who works a few towns away. I hung out at Starbucks while she worked (I needed a change of environment and minimal distractions as I had an article to work on), and it was so cozy and nice! The Starbucks had a fireplace (this was a happy surprise when I walked on), and provided warm and a great environment in which to work!


I’m thankful for shirts with thumb holes. Does anyone else feel immediately more relaxed and cozy when they have shirts with thumb holes on (or is that only me??)? Thumb holes combined with the fire at Starbucks made for a perfectly cozy feeling.

I’m thankful for how beautiful fresh snow is. I love watching it snow outside, whether the snow is gently falling or it’s whipping around. Seeing the snow on the ground and trees is also so beautiful! Part of my goal under my 14 challenges is to be present, so as it’s snowing I try to pause and stand by the wind (or even go outside), breathe deeply, and enjoy the moment.

I’m thankful for an abundance of fresh water and tea bags! Besides thumb holes and fireplaces, there is almost nothing that makes me feel more warm, cozy, and relaxed in the winter than a cup of hot tea. I drink anywhere from 4-5 cups of tea on average a day at work, and probably just as much on the weekends. I’m thankful I have all the fresh water I want to make tea.

I’m thankful for crock pots and delicious, warm soup! This past weekend I made this delicious hearty soup, and have been eating it for dinners all week. Not only is it REALLY healthy and delicious, but it’s warming as well!

I’m thankful I have a bike trainerIt’s so nice to be able to get an awesome cardio workout in while in my living room. This polar vortex can’t completely mess with my workouts now! 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share! What’re you thankful for right now? What’s one of your favorite cold weather things?