One of my favorite places to visit while in Cuenca, Ecuador is Dos Chorreras, which is up in Cajas National Park (in the Andes Mountains). (sidenote: another of my favorite places in the area is Piedra de Agua, where I got a massage in a cave in the side of a volcano!) Dos Chorreras is a trout farm, and provides absolutely amazing views on the property and from their restaurant. Their restaurant is built right into the rock and forest in the side of the mountain, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

DSCN6433Beautiful, right?

This is the view you’re met with driving up to the restaurant. Once you park, you’ll walk into a restaurant and pass this:

IMG_5880Looks fake, right? IT’S NOT

Two pictures in and I hope you’re getting the idea that this place is absolutely gorgeous! You’ll then be taken in and given a seat. We were in one of the rooms upstairs, and this is what it looked like:

DSCN6432The walls are either glass or made up of plants from the mountain, and it’s absolutely amazing.

IMG_5883If you walk around outside a bit (and I encourage you to look all around the property!), this is the view you’ll see on the path above the restaurant (again- can you say AMAZING?!). It’s absolutely breath taking. The property also has horses, and you can sign up for a horse back ride in the Andes.

DSCN6434One more shot of the Andes because it’s just beautiful. This is also where the horses head up the mountain.

If you’re in the area, a trip up to Dos Chorreras and Cajas is an absolute MUST. It’s absolutely gorgeous, the food is fantastic, and it’s well worth your time and money!